ExxonMobil's global portal has been retired and all applications have moved to new URLs. Please see the full list of applications below and bookmark the new URL for your application.

Application New URL
DNet - US http://us.exxonmobildnet.com
DNet - Canada/Imperial Oil http://imperialoil.exxonmobildnet.com
DNet - Mexico http://mx.exxonmobildnet.com
DNet - Caribbean and Central America (CCA) http://cca.exxonmobildnet.com
DNet - Aviation http://aviation.exxonmobildnet.com
DNet - China http://dnetplus.com
DNet - EAME https://dnet.mobil.com
DNet - Russia https://dnet.mobil.ru
DNET - India, Indonesia, Thailand, & FDS Please contact your Distributor Business Consultant (DBC)
Advanced Customer Experience (ACE)
  • RPM, MRC
  • My Account
  • Supply Management System - SMS
  • Retailer Credit Card Sales Report
  • Speedpass Report
  • Brand Incentive Program - rBIP
Advanced Customer Experience (ACE) Backoffice - Territory Managers / Internal ExxonMobil
  • RPM
  • My Account
  • Supply Management System - SMS
  • Customer Terminal Interface - CTi
  • Card Services
  • Brand Incentive Program - rBIP
eRFX https://spike.exxonmobil.com/Sourcing/Main/ad/webjumper?passwordadapter=SourcingSupplierUser
Online Customer Service https://ocs-portal.exxonmobil.com
LIMS - Manual Sample Entry Third Party Lab (TPL) solution. Please contact Johan H Pruyn
Contractor Time Writing on IOL Arctic Community - CATS

Product Management and Integration System - PROMIS

Procurement Community
  • Master Data Governance - MDG
  • Supplier Collaboration - SRM - RFQ and Price Management